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Slingshot Grinders feature a volumetric self-dosing chamber which is always on standby to provide the professional barista with their next shot of espresso. Single or double, the dosage will still be correct with zero coffee wasted.

No more lost revenue due to coffee waste Slingshot features a sealed distribution chamber which accurately delivers the ground coffee to the portafilter with no loss of coffee. No more shaky hand to avoid ground coffee spill from the portafilter .

They feature a volumetric dosage system that allow the Barista to set different coffee dosages for the single and double portafilter.

The adjustable micrometric grinding system is a “step-less” design that allows precise control over the coffee grind. Grind setting is made by rotating a tactile control dial integrated with a digital position counter.



The illuminated cradle assists in seamless and accurate grind delivery directly into the group handle.

Adjustable grind and easy-recalibration allow for easy clean and an advanced no-tool recalibration system.

A wide range of grind setting allows different brewing styles. Precision Grinder uses a belt drive and dual bearings to minimise any conical burr movement.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Feature Tap & Go™
  • Belt-driven burr
  • Easy calibrating system



KRYO 65 OD (On Demand) is fitted with high-capacity 64 mm-diameter mills, ensuring production of 3.5 g/second. Grinding is instant, and takes place directly in the filter holder, ensuring a fresh, correctly dosed product.

The ergonomic design and quality of the material provide excellent stability even in situations of intense use. Grinding speed, precise dosing, and a clear, intuitive user interface make KRYO 65 OD the ideal grinder-doser for high-quality espresso-based beverages.


  • Fitted with high-capacity 64 mm diameter burrs, KRYO 65 OD ensures that the barista has the right dose of ground coffee instantly, for a quality espresso in less than 2 seconds.



The Eureka Olympus 75E Hi-speed has pulled out every stop to live up to its Grecian namesake. The titanic design begins with a towering footprint and a 3.5-pound bean capacity (though smaller hoppers are available).

State-of-the-art 75 millimeter flat burrs in hardened steel pulverize beans at speeds impressive even against grinders double its price. Eureka has kept their standard one- and two-cup volumetric dosing controls and stepless adjustment dial for straightforward operation suited for the busiest cafe environments. The power-geared design is rounded out with subtle niceties like an adjustable portafilter holder and an anti-static coating for easy cleanup.


  • “High Speed” Grind Dispersion
  • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
  • ACE System
  • “High Speed” Maintenance
  • All-Purpose Adjustable “Hands-Free” Fork
  • Blow Up System
  • “Barista Special” electronics
  • Die-cast aluminium body



The Eureka Olympus 65E HS (High speed) grinder is a serious grinder across build, speed and grind quality – offering fantastic value for money.

How fast is it?

It can grind a 18g double shot in around 5.5 seconds, has excellent distribution and is extremely quiet. In short, it’s very fast even compared to many other much more expensive models / brands out there. You could compare it to either the Mahlkonig E65s, Mazzer Super Jolly E or the Anfim Practica.

It’s perfect for those serving low – medium volume coffee, between 25-150 coffees per day, such as low volume coffee bars, restaurants, bars or home coffee enthusiasts.



  • Dose counter
  • Adjustable chute
  • Spotlight on filter holder


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