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Direct Trade Relationship Coffee

“There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into growing coffee and mostly in very challenging environments”.

The work we have been doing with the farmers in Cameroon has inspired us to do as much as we can to change our coffee to the direct trade model in other parts of the world.

We are now proud to have three direct trade routes in Cameroon, Brazil and India, we are also extremely proud not to own a single bush, we support them as part of

a value chain approach so that the farms remain firmly within the families hands and investment can continue to improve lives of people for the long term.

We hope with your help to not only make a positive impact on the hard working farmers lives but also bring in some wonderful speciality coffees too.

CAMEROON BOYO: We have invested in washing stations for the co-operative farms and the farmers are going from strength to strength. They focus on growing, harvesting, sorting and packing only the highest grade of coffee. This means that with high quality coffee grown as part of a collaboration every farmer can invest in their farms and the security of the younger generation.

INDIA: Supporting farmers from both the traditional areas and the lesser known coffee growing regions of India means we can have access to some truly spectacular single estate coffee. Showcasing regional coffees has opened the market which has previously been synonymous with only Cherry Robusta and Monsoon Malabar, this means a higher price can be achieved and paid directly to the farmers.

BRAZIL: The young Brazilian student has direct family coffee farm connections and is championing UTZ certified single estate speciality coffee. Starting by importing his family coffee into the UK he has developed further connections with other Brazilian farmers to help them get better.