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Luxury Hot Chocolate

Our passion for our business doesn’t just include coffee, our hot chocolate range offers the same attention to flavour and quality.  Starting with our famous family recipe hot chocolate inspired by the deliciously indulgent paddle chocolate in Italy, the recipe is formulated from a blend fine chocolate and designed to dissolve without pre-mixing and thicken slightly when steaming.  This is also available in white cocoa butter version and both versions are GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN FRIENDLY and HALAL.

Our chocolate menu continues with ruby, caramel, 55% chocolate buttons and our finely ground pure chocolate for the deep earthy taste of hot chocolate that melts easily and tastes indulgent.

Want to increase your range with minimal outlay then we have a range of natural oils and essences to add to your hot chocolate, all of our flavourings add a natural hit of flavour but without adding more sugar like syrups can do.