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What's Included...


No Hidden Extras: 

  • Like us, our contracts are very straight forward and with no hidden extras, we quote for the full package solution.

Complete package: 

  • Espresso Machine
  • On-demand Grinder
  • Professional Claris water filter
  • Knockout Drawer
  • Installation
  • Barista Starter Kit
  • Barista Basics Training
  • All maintenance is included (call outs, labour and parts**)
  • Water filter changes

* Rentals are based upon customers purchasing coffee and ancillary items through Freshpac during the rental period. 

** 5 day call out as standard with 7day as an option.  Call out times as in accordance with core working Times (9am to 6pm).  Maintenance does not include the PSR2000 boiler inspection certificate.