Freshpac Teas and Coffee

What makes Freshpac different?

Freshpac is an independent family run Speciality Coffee Roaster, we have been roasting since 1979.

Our Freshpac family

Freshpac was established in 1979 by husband and wife team Gerald and Queenie Salter.

More than thirty years later, and with two generations of Salters involved, Freshpac is proud to bring you the complete tea, coffee and catering package.

We proudly boast an in-house delivery fleet, ensuring your products arrive on time, every time.

Ethical at heart

We believe in buying ethically traded coffee directly from the farmers or from importers who have the interests of the growers at heart.

We ethically source all of our coffee and where possible direct from farm, we carefully choose the farms forging long term transparent relationships with the farmers to bring you the best quality and giving the farmer the best possible price.

How we roast our coffee

Exceptional coffee is at the heart of what we do. We develop and hand craft a comprehensive range of coffees in small batches.

Our roaster has been especially adapted and we hand roast meaning that everything is controlled by our senses, using sound, smell and watching the development of the roast by eye, meaning our roasting method and technique is truly artisanal.

Our Suffolk coffee is not graded by strength; instead like wine, each coffee has its own flavour profile.

Our Team

An experience-led crew of engineers are on hand to install, service and repair whenever you need us.

We also have a dedicated team of sales, support and customer service staff; our in-house connoisseurs!

So why not arrange a visit to our training room for a chat and a coffee; we’ll be happy to make you the perfect cup, show off our range of machines and even show you our green beans and roasting room.




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